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Solve the problems of opening and closing on frames

When joinery and door frames are struggling to open or close, it is better to make repairs quickly to avoid having to replace them completely one day. The causes of this kind of problem are many and often very easy to solve.

In addition to the inconvenience they cause, defects in the closing of a door or window denote a disorder whose origin must be investigated, in order to remedy it before the problem worsens.

The swelling of the wood

A rotting of the wood calls for the replacement of the damaged part.

Repair the damaged part of an amount.

The swelling of the wood, especially in the lower parts of the joinery, often betrays a deterioration of the wood related to a loss of watertightness and infiltrations of water.
The consequences can range from simple swelling to a start of decay, to be confirmed by a survey conducted with a tip. In this case, it is necessary to deposit the door or the window, to eliminate the rotten part and to replace it by a new piece. It is also possible to strengthen it with a hardener.

Friction of the leaf

The friction of the leaf (opening part) on the upright (fixed or fixed frame), on the side of the lock, can be treated in various ways, which depend on the causes which are at the origin.

  • If the hinges are loosereplace the screws with other, longer ones, making sure that the wood of the post is healthy.
  • If the outer amount of the leaf is warped or inflated, glue aluminum foil on the jamb of the frame, gently maneuver the door, then plane the areas of friction revealed.

The sagging of the leaf

The sagging of the leaf is corrected according to its importance.

  • If the subsidence remains weak, plane the bottom rail. Take the opportunity to restore a game wide enough to take into account the seasonal variations and the thickness of the paint that will be spent on the planed part.
  • If subsidence is important and generalized, remove the door and disassemble it to rebuild it. Check the squareness and flatness before tightening the glued assembly in presses.

The twisting of the leaf

The twisting of the leaf is a mess difficult to catch when it prevents the bolt from engaging in the waste. But if it does not reach proportions too important and that the style of the frame lends itself to it, one can correct it by adding one or two scarves barring the panel.
In the case of an unglazed leaf, a more radical method may apply:

  • place a wedge in the rabbet, at the end of the amount that closes first, and close by forcing;
  • block the other endpushed back close to the frame by a wedge held by a heavy piece of furniture, for example, and thus leave 3 to 4 days without reopening the leaf.

The accumulation of layers of paint

The accumulation of layers of paint can eventually hinder the closure of the windows. In this case, serious treatment is required:

  • drop the leaves;
  • to strip and sand them;
  • repaint or revarnish;
  • stripping and repainting also the frame, as well as the fittings. If they are exposed to the weather, first apply a coat of rust remover.

Renovation of wooden shutters

The shutters and wooden shutters are very exposed to bad weather. To renovate them, proceed as follows:

  • pick them up ;
  • lay them flat on trestles;
  • get rid of their hardware and accessories;
  • scour carefully the old varnish, the stain or old paint;
  • sand down to put the wood bare;
  • Refinish, stain or repaint ;
  • equip them new fittings:
  • put them back.

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