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Is there a law that contradicts the imposition of wood windows on the façade when living in a protected regional park in Vexin?

This house is located in a regional natural park, all the more fussy as it is located in the Paris region, with the desire to maintain the aesthetics of the villages and respect for traditional materials.
Texts exist, emphasizing the aspect on the material in other words, not being able to prohibit one material more than another, since the appearance of the windows is strictly identical to that of the old joinery, which is itself in keeping with the architectural environment. of the place. I refer you to my answer on a similar question "Can municipalities refuse PVC windows?". Concretely, these texts are regularly baffled, in particular by the POS and PLU, that should be attacked before the Administrative Court.
Specific regulations (classified sites, protected sites, regional nature parks, specific local urban plans) are often considered by the trial judge as having more value. The appeal and cassation procedures are long and costly. It is often the fight of the pot of iron against the pot of earth...

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