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Your lease ends and you must return the keys to your home? Tenants, owners, do you know the steps to perform around this return of keys, when to do it, how? We help you to see more clearly.

Return of keys for rent

Return of keys for rent

The return of the keys at the end of the lease

When the lease is not renewed, the tenant must return the keys to the owner lessor so that the latter can take possession of the premises for a new lease, to sell it or to inhabit it himself. This delivery of the keys must be done in the rules by giving them in person to the lessor or agent of the lessor.

The dwelling must be returned in the same condition as when it rented it, that is, emptied of all the equipment belonging to the tenant in the dwelling and its annexes.
Attention because a discount keys after the end date of the lease leads additional fees for the tenant unless this delay is attributed to the owner.

How is the delivery of the keys at the end of the lease?

The delivery of all keys (housing keys, mailbox and annexes, potential badge, double keys) is usually done at the end of the lease after the notice has been respected.
The tenant is required to deliver the keys personally to the landlord, registered mail is strongly inadvisable because it does not provide evidence that the housing is released.
The tenant is obliged to pay the rent and to assume his obligations due to the lease until this date of end of contract even if he decides to return the keys before this one. Only a new rental of the housing within this period cancels this requirement.
Most of the time, the return of the keys is coupled with the establishment of the inventory of places of exit but it can happen for various reasons that these two stages are dissociated.

Proof of return of the rented keys

For avoid further litigation, the tenant should always ask a receipt to the owner on which will appear the two names, the address of the dwelling and the date on which all keys were returned.
It is from this date that the deadline for the return of the security deposit is one or two months depending on the case.
This proof of return may also indicate that the outgoing tenant is up to date with his rent and his charges (balance of any account or receipt).
The receipt may possibly be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt if the owner does not have this document on hand when handing over the keys.

The principle of non-credibility of keys

We often hear that keys are portable and not quable but do you know the meaning?
Here are two simple explanations:

  • The tenant must return the keys in time and time to the lessor without the one claims them.
  • It is not the landlord to pick up or attempt to recover the keys of the housing from the tenant.

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