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Mold, insects, aging... it may be time to renovate your frame. However, restoring a frame can not be improvised and requires a professional or specialized craftsman. This will establish a diagnosis and restore your framework while respecting its original appearance.

Restoration of a framework

Restoration of a framework

Why restore a framework?

In some specific cases, it is useful and sometimes essential to restore the frame of your home. Indeed, if you notice an aging of the wood, an attack of parasites (mushrooms, insects) or a deterioration due to bad weather, it is important to renovate your frame. This will prevent more damage. Similarly, if the beams of your frame lack of sparkle, are without charm or if pieces of wood are gnawed or weakened, you will have to restore your frame. If you choose to raise your roof or arrange the attic, it is also an opportunity to repair the few damage that may have suffered your frame.

How to restore a framework?

Before you start the work, first call a professional who will come to establish an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your structure. If the frame of your house is old, ask the professional to estimate its age. This is very important for choosing the best restoration techniques. Indeed, the construction techniques are different according to the centuries and it is essential to respect certain specificities to preserve the quality and the beauty of the whole.
Know that renovating an old frame with modern methods is not possible. You will have to call on a specialized craftsman who will take care of restoring your framework with tools and know-how of the past. It is on this condition that your framework will keep its original appearance. Have your frame checked and renovated (if necessary) every 20 or 30 years by a carpenter to make sure of his good condition.

How much does it cost to restore a frame?

First of all, be aware that the restoration of a frame requires a significant budget if you undertake to renovate the roof at the same time. Count between 10000 and 20000 euros for repair elements, the price of materials and labor. To renovate a frame of 70 m², count between 8000 and 12000 euros. However, for a simple change of parts, the expense amounts to about 500 euros.
Know that if you take advantage of work to change the insulation of your roof, you can receive financial assistance such as the tax credit (ISCED) or eco-loan zero rate to lower the amount of the bill.

Video Instruction: Restoration the old framework in decoupage technique