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Restore a damaged carpet

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Necessary tools:

A piece of carpet (from the original model).
A vacuum.
A cutter or a cookie cutter.
A hammer.
Carpet glue.
And if needed a fine brush, a single or double-sided adhesive roll.

Whether it's a snag, a torn band, a burn or a stain that you can not remove, it is still possible to restore your carpet by replacing the damaged surface.

Step 1: diagnosis and preparation of the surface to be replaced.

What type of degradation is it? What is his size? If it is just a small diameter or a cigarette type burn, the easiest way is to use the use of a cookie cutter. If the damaged area is larger you will need to cut the cutter.

Restore a damaged carpet: restore

Restore a damaged carpet: restore

Clean the surface of the carpet in place with a vacuum before starting and look for the remaining carpet falls from the initial pose.

Also take a look at your carpet to determine if it is stuck to the floor or not. Unless you already know it.

Step 2: Cut the replacement carpet piece.

To cut a small area to the punch, place the latter well vertically on the place to release. The diameter of the punch used should be slightly greater than the diameter of the burn to extract it at one time. Then hit the back of the cookie snap with your hammer. The replacement part will be taken in the same way.

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For larger areas, first cut the cutter with a square or rectangular section, depending on your needs, which is much larger than the area to be covered. Then lay the floor on your carpet.

You may notice a slight difference in hues, with the carpet in place being slightly lighter. This is completely normal. Wear and exposure to sunlight are the cause of this discoloration. But rest assured, the fitting will not delay to harmonize. Before starting your cut, make sure that the replacement part is placed in the same direction of the pile as your carpet. For this, perform a simple test by sweeping the carpets of your hand.

Then lay the piece where you want it and make a deep cutter cut to cut the two layers of carpet at the same time. Cut wide so that the formed template is larger than the damaged portion. To do this, the blade of the cutter must both be tilted back and be kept straight so that the two cuts are of identical sizes and not beveled. You can, of course, work at right angles, square or rectangle, but we advise you to make a cut of more imprecise and curved shape. In this way the delimitation of the connection will be much less visible.

Be sure, before proceeding to the next step that the piece so designed for replacement fits perfectly to the carpet. If this is not the case, cut or make a new one in another fall using the removed carpet section.

Step 3: set up the new piece of carpet.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the cut edges of the carpet on the floor, using a small brush and fill the hole with the cut piece.

Restore a damaged carpet: your

Restore a damaged carpet: your

If your carpet is not stuck to the floor, it is best to turn the carpet over and apply masking tape to the back of the patched piece with the carpet in place to reinforce the strength of the repair. But be careful, before returning the carpet, respect the drying time of the glue so that it has had enough time to adhere.

Restore a damaged carpet: restore

If your carpet is stuck, you can enhance the stability and adhesion of the patched area by applying double-sided adhesive strips directly to the floor, not forgetting to remove the protective film from the double-sided and front side. apply the glue on the edges and install the new piece of carpet.

Step 4: finishes.

Once the carpet piece is in place, apply light pressure along the fittings and over the entire surface. This will improve the grip. To do this, proceed for example by tapping very lightly with your hammer.

Restore a damaged carpet: damaged

You may also prefer the old method of stacking two or three dictionaries on it and letting it sit overnight. In any case, do not forget to spare the repaired section for at least 24 hours, before you consider walking again.

Video Instruction: Restoring A Sun Damaged Carpet