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We live in the South (84) and our plaster facade dates back to 1976. Can we have it painted, or is it better to have a stucco done again?

A old plaster may be painted, provided that it is in a good state of conservation at the technical level, that is to say sufficiently adherent to the support.
This verification can be easily performed by probing several areas of the facades:
- if the plaster "sounds hollow", it is because it is detached from the masonry; it must be redone;
- if these detachments are very punctual, the plaster can be deposited in the affected places and restored identically on the areas concerned, knowing that these occasions will always be visible, even after painting:
- if these detachments are more or less generalized, it is necessary to deposit all the surfaces plastered, in order to leave on a healthy basis, then to plaster again, or coat, or to paint.
About the painting on the old plaster, we must move towards refastening paints of quality, and sufficiently diluted to follow all the reliefs of the plaster. Paintings based on siloxane resins are recommended for this type of application. The application can be done with a long-hair roller.

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