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You have seen, as on a snapshot, the house of your dreams. She is isolated, but not too much. The basements seem solid, some walls remain and you want to rebuild it according to your tastes. Beware of the mirage, if this house seems to you in ruins, it does not escape the legislation. Before adopting it, the pitfalls to avoid...

Restore / rehabilitate a ruined house

Restore / rehabilitate a ruined house

Definition of a building "in ruins"

A building degraded by time or having been voluntarily destroy, provided that there are traces, between by definition in the category "ruin" Many buildings, especially in rural areas such as old farmhouses, old barns, farm buildings, are qualifiable ruins
However, laws exist regarding the restoration of a ruin. It must fulfill a number of conditions:

  • It must remain the majority of the load-bearing walls
  • It takes a " written agreement ¬ĽUrban planning services of the municipality where the land and the ruin are located.
  • The building must have a certain architectural appeal, to be respected as part of the restoration work.
  • Finally, there must be a water and electricity connection network.

To note. The municipality has rights to the ruins. It can evict someone who resides there or decide on the complete destruction of the building if it poses a risk to the public space.

The steps to be taken and the restrictions of use

The building permit is mandatory to rehabilitate a ruin. Before obtaining it, you must contact the town planning services of your town hall. If the land is classified as agricultural, you will have to make a change of destination and give it to the Safer and / or the municipality, which have the right, both of them, to refuse as the right of first refusal; that is to say the priority in a possible purchase from them, whatever the amount proposed.
Then to you to calculate the budget, it can be high, if you want to rebuild all the same, natural stone, for example.

To note. If you persist in your project, know that many buildings in ruins and their land not finding a buyer, are often sold at auction. An interesting track for who wants to embark on the adventure of rehabilitation.

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