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The cane used since the eighteenth century and disappeared from our decoration some time ago is back in force. Its graphic and openwork pattern finds new place in our interiors but also outside with furniture or stylish accessories.

The return of caning in the decor

The return of caning in the decor

The origins of caning

The caning was used for the first time on chairs around the 1700s before extending to sofas, armchairs and bed boards.
For three centuries, canning remains a process of careful weaving of rattan canes to make the seat and the back of a seat. The result is a hexagonal pattern and openwork that can be found on famous bistro chairs designed in 1859 by Mr. Thonnet. Yesterday accessible to all, this authentic cane chair has become a luxury today.
Canne craft furniture is nowadays very expensive because it takes a lot of time, dexterity and patience to create it. However, we must not forget that a well done caning has a service life of at least 20 years.

The return of caning in the decor

If you still have one or the other cane chair in your attic or any other piece of furniture with a cane, it's time to take it out again to have a deco trend and current.
Many creators reintroduce the caning in furniture and not just for chairs and headboards. Caning does its job great return on lamps, closet doors, tables, garden furniture and many decorative items.
With caning, you decorate your interior and your exterior with refinement while imposing a charming retro style.
The advantage of caning is its easy adaptation in both antique and modern decorations.
Today, it is no longer practiced only with rattan but the metal, resin or other materials are used for the caning of furniture and accessories.

Where to focus on caning?

Caning offers a undisputed sitting comfortSo do not hesitate to adorn your chairs, armchairs or couch designed specifically for this.
You can also focus on caning for:

  • Your outside. The garden lounges braided resin or metal are very fashionable nowadays. These materials allow to have a cane resistant to external conditions and easy maintenance.
  • Give more clarity to your rooms by installing lamps do some caning.
  • Replace glass doors with a living room or kitchen buffet.
  • Hide radiators with panels made of a rigid structure and adorned with caning.
  • Decorate your mirrors and photo frames.

Ready-to-use decorative cane boards can be found in specialty stores or hardware stores with different sizes of mesh.

Whether used alone or in combination with other materials, caning can integrate every room in the house.

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