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An air conditioner is said to be reversible when in addition to producing cold air, it can also heat the interior of your home. Also called air / air heat pump, it is very efficient when the outside temperatures stay soft. In case of extreme cold, it is necessary to couple it to another heating system.

How does a reversible air conditioner work?

An air conditioner works like a refrigerator because it produces cold and evacuates heat. In the case of a reversible air conditioner, it is possible to reverse the system in producing heat while evacuating cold air. In the case of a reversible monosplit or multisplit air conditioner, the refrigerant flows through the indoor units to absorb heat from the room. This is transported to the outdoor unit, which will evacuate it. To produce hot air, the principle is reversed. The reversible air conditioner acts as air conditioner in summer but heating in winter. Even if the split models are more efficient, it is possible to find reversible monobloc air conditioners on the market.

Why choose a reversible air conditioner?

A reversible air conditioner is very important because it is abouta 2 in 1 device which produces cold but also heat. It allows to gain some ground and save money when buying the equipment.

It is also very convenient because it offers a electronic regulation ultra-precise heat. Long regarded as harmful for the planet, the air conditioner is not so energy-consuming because it recovers the calories present in the outside air. This energy is free and totally renewable. The reversible air conditioner is also appreciated for its coefficient of performance (COP). Be aware that it restores 3 kWh of heat for 1 kWh consumed. However, remember that the primary function of an air conditioner is to refresh and that a reversible model can not be used to heat a whole houseespecially when the outside temperatures are low. It must be coupled with another heating system to ensure your thermal comfort.

Price of a reversible air conditioner

If the price of an air conditioner depends on the number of units, the power, the quality of the engine and the type of installation, know that for a reversible model, you must add 15 à 20% on the base price.
For a non-reversible split air conditioner, count between 300 and 5000 euros. For a reversible air conditioner, the amount of the bill will therefore always be higher. Know that the expense is justified because it allows you to refresh and heat your home with a single device and a reversible air conditioner can achieve a 60% heating saving on electric heaters. The investment for a reversible air conditioner is amortized between 3 and 5 years.

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