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The right staircase is a traditional staircase. It is designed without any turning, and installed against a straight wall.

The straight staircase: simple, sober and durable

A straight staircase can serve of main stair to access an upper floor of your home, or a mezzanine. It consists of several steps of the same size and a banister.

Many models of straight staircase exist, and your straight staircase can be designed with or without risers. With risers, a straight staircase offers more security, and the possibility of creating closed storage spaces under the stairs. Without risers, the staircase gives an impression of lightness, and you benefit from more brightness in your room.

The straight staircase can be realized in various materials, such as wood, concrete, steel... Everything is conceivable, from the most basic model to the tailor-made staircase.

Budget side, a straight staircase is accessible at less than 1000 € for the first prices.

The advantages of the straight staircase

The advantages of the straight staircase are numerous:

  • This is the most simple to design and to install,
  • It is a staircase which offers a good comfort of use, provided that the dimensions of security and comfort be respected (height and width of steps, etc.).
  • The price of a straight staircase is lower than other forms of stairs (except retractable stairs).

The disadvantages of the straight staircase

The main disadvantage of the straight staircase is that it requires a lot of room. It is usually installed on a wall length of several meters. It is better that the steps are wide and deep enough so that the stairs are not too steep. It is therefore necessary to devote a large enough space to the installation of the staircase, which can be difficult in small rooms. One solution is to opt for the type of straight staircase that is the least expensive and takes up the least space: the ladder ladder ladder.

Video Instruction: How to calculate (I-stair) straight staircase steps in Urdu/Hindi