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At the beginning of a cut, attack the material on the top rather than an edge to avoid the risk of rebound. If the disc engages badly on the tracing, do not rectify the orientation of the cut, at the risk of jamming it.
Disengage the machine instead to change direction. Cut without pressing, the grinder is heavy enough to act alone.
On this type of machine, maintenance is kept to a minimum. Only the vents are to be monitored and must be cleaned after each use.

The right moves to cut with an angle grinder: grinder

In full cutting of cinderblock, the 100 to 110 dB (A) announced are largely exceeded by the noise of the machine: hearing protection mandatory!

The right moves to cut with an angle grinder: angle

If the rear handle is not rotating, it is with the thumb to squeeze the trigger while cutting.
Nothing too uncomfortable because the cut is fast.

Video Instruction: How To Use An Angle Grinder - Ace Hardware