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Inseparable architectural element of any house floor, the staircase is also a work both aesthetic and technical that consists of several elements such as risers.

What are the risers of a staircase?

The riser is an element which is positioned under the slightly recessed step, perpendicular, for fill the space between 2 steps. Its thickness varies according to the material. If it is wood, it oscillates between 15 mm and 24 mm. The risers therefore have a more aesthetic aspect than a truly structural one. They can even in some cases to be removed (to lighten and open the space by letting the light through) or to be added if you judge the staircase too dangerous (with young children for example).

How to treat the risers of a staircase?

Although the risers do not have a direct impact on the balance of the stairs, they must nevertheless meet certain standards in terms of laying. But aesthetic side they offer a lot of possibilities. If they are in wood like the rest of the stairs, they can be tinted, stained or painted including a color different from that of the steps to play on the contrast. The staircase becomes a real decorative element.
If your staircase has no risers, it is always possible to add because many stores offer the opportunity to buy the risers separately from the stairs. The space under the stairs can indeed be very practical. Depending on its size and location, you can organize a storage space, with closed cupboard or open bookcase. You can also install a small office or even, if the height allows, a toilet.

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