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I have a tiled basement room and I have moisture rising through the tile joints. With which product can I cover this tile to make it waterproof? The walls were bricked with waterproofing but not the floor as it was already tiled (old house without crawlspace). I am a woman with little means doing the work myself.

According to what you describe, it seems that it is about rising of moisture by default of sealing of the slab and the screed, poured without crawl space.

The only possible solution, not to generate too much demolition and rebuilding work would be the creation of a dry screed on your floor (see our DRY CAPS PLACOSOL sheet on the subject) which thanks to its system of water-repellent plates placed on pellets, will isolate it from these rising damp. However, you will have to plan the planing of the doors because the soil will be all the raised.

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