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To ensure the proper functioning of a boiler, but also for the safety of the users, it is important to maintain the equipment. What are the risks associated with poor maintenance of a boiler?

Bad maintenance of a boiler: compromised safety

Maintaining a boiler is an obligation, not only to optimize the service life, but also and above all to ensure security of the inhabitants of a house. Above all, it must be emphasized that a boiler is equipped with a automatic shutdown system In case of problem. However, when equipment is not properly maintained, there is a risk that the safety shutter will not engage. In this case, in addition to the risk of boiler failure, there is a bigger risk: the diffusion of toxic gases.

Carbon monoxide emission

In case of poor maintenance, the gas boiler can produce a very dangerous rejection: carbon monoxide which is a deadly gas when inhaled in high doses. This toxic gas is the result of incorrect combustion of carbon elements. The spread is even more worrying in case of malfunction in the ventilation. This situation is all the more alarming because carbon monoxide is a gas that is both colorless and odorless and literally melts into the air.

In the end, it is essential to maintain the boiler regularly via a heating expert to avoid very bad surprises and especially sometimes fatal accidents.

Other impacts of a lack of maintenance of a boiler

Beyond the risks to health, energy consumption must also be taken into account. In case of lack of maintenance, the boiler consumes more. For comparison, well-maintained equipment consumes approximately 8 to 12% less energy.

Added to this is the impact on the service life of the installation. When the maintenance of the boiler is neglected, it is less resistant and wears out faster with the use. The malfunctions are more numerous and the risks of problems are higher: boiler failures are nearly 5 times more frequent compared to a well maintained device.

So, to prevent problems and avoid the risks related to the bad maintenance of a boiler, it is recommended to appeal to the know-how of a professional heating engineer. This certified and certified expert has the knowledge and skills to carry out verifications, or even to replace the old boiler, with more efficient and economical equipment with a maintenance follow-up included in the maintenance contract.

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