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The surveyor, or surveyor-geometer, is best known for his surveying skills. But this professional has a job in constant evolution and can intervene in many other situations: he advises, he establishes official documents, or he deals with administrative procedures for his client.

The surveyor in action

The surveyor in action

The main role of the surveyor: the demarcation

The official name of the profession of surveyor is "geometer-expert". The law of May 7, 1946 has created the Order of Surveyors. A surveyor must be on the roll of the order to practice. He has legal and technical skills.

The surveyor intervenes in the demarcation of a field, in order toofficially establish its area. While the cadastral plan allows to know the surface of a ground as an indication, the surveyor is the only one to be authorized to demarcate.

Since the S.R.U law of 2000 and the Land Use Permit Act 2007, the boundary marking is mandatory on any building plot. The surveyor can also perform a boundary in case of dispute or amicably, at the request of two neighboring owners for example.

The surveyor: an ally in your construction, real estate and urban planning projects

The surveyor can intervene in the areas of urban planning, construction, and also real estate. He works for local authorities, but also for individuals and businesses.

From regions and departments, the surveyor can be brought to consulting missions both financial and legal for development of the territory. He can be project manager and engineer for the development of the road network. He is also in charge of setting up planning documents.

With individuals and companies, the surveyor can provide legal advice to know what is allowed to build on a particular land. He can also create plans that are used for building permit applications, or even undertake administrative procedures to help his client obtain a planning certificate or a subdivision authorization. Among his many missions, the surveyor can also create or modify documents concerning condominiums.

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