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ATIX roller shutter for roof windows

Roller shutters are the logical and, to put it all, essential complement to roof windows. They allow occultation of the day but also a regulation of the sunshine avoiding the overheating of the parts under roof in summer. In winter, they limit heat loss by providing additional thermal resistance to the window. The Atix shutter of Bubendorff is available in solar (Atix Autonomous) or electric version (on 230V mains).

ATIX roller shutter for roof windows: shutter

Double wall aluminum roller shutter blades with insulating foam guarantee good insulation, summer against overheating and winter against cold. An insulating foam allows this result. The absence of CFCs in the foam protects the environment.

ATIX roller shutter for roof windows: shutter

A radio remote control allows remote control this shutter without any wired installation. Being able to hang the remote on a wall mount avoids having to constantly search for it. Coupling to a solar power supply makes the shutter totally autonomous.

ATIX roller shutter for roof windows: atix

Of size to impose everywhere
Created to your dimensions, this shutter is compatible with almost all brands of existing roof windows, including the latest Velux® series.
To equip your roof openings, whether new construction or renovation, the only action to take is to note the reference of your windows.
In the Standalone version, it is even easier to install, without any connection or expensive work.

ATIX roller shutter for roof windows: shutter

A NF stamp, validated by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building) constitutes a real guarantee of quality. The apposition of the mark NF CSTB closures means that the characteristics of a shutter were evaluated by the CSTB (good resistance to the wind, endurance of the mechanical components, convenience of maneuvering, resistance to break-in, resistance to sunshine, etc).

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