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High-performance and contemporary technology, the opening and closing system of the remote-controlled roller shutter is very practical on a daily basis. It brings an undeniable touch of modernity to a home.

The remote shutter

The remote-controlled roller shutter is equipped with a motor that allows an automatic opening and closing in a few seconds. Lowering or raising the shutter is done using a remote control that is connected with the mechanism through waves.

Different options can accompany this most modern equipment such as integration an obstacle detection system, the programmed opening at certain times of the day (shutter automation) or the anti-tearing device. All of these options allow you tooptimize security.

In general, and not to have a problem of incompatibility or malfunctions, it is advisable to opt for a remote control that is the same brand as the roller shutter. In some cases, the remote control can be used on several devices at a time (shutters but also lights or models of blinds manufactured by the same sign).

PVC or aluminum?

The remote shutter is available aluminum or PVC. These two materials each have specific advantages. For its part, PVC provides excellent performance in insulation. It requires a minimum of maintenance and is particularly resistant to bad weather. However, it is a material that is not suitable for an imposing or too heavy part. In this case, it is then preferable to opt for aluminum, for example for a roller shutter on French window.

The remotely controlled aluminum roller shutter also does not require a restrictive maintenance. When it comes to insulation, double-walled aluminum must be chosen for optimum performance. It should be noted, however, that this material is more expensive than PVC.

Finally, regardless of the material selected, the remote-controlled roller shutter must comply with the standards in force (at least one NF certification). The latter guarantees its watertightness (water, air, wind pressure...). It is recommended to build on a well-known brand in order to benefit from a quality remote-controlled roller shutter that contributes not only to the comfort of the parts but also to their safety.

The benefits of the remote control component

By opting for the remote-controlled shutter, the first advantage is undoubtedly the practical aspect: just press a button to open or close a shutter. It is even possible to open or close several at once, an indispensable function in a large house. It is therefore no longer necessary to move to let the light filter or to bring in someone.

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