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It is sometimes difficult to detect the origin of infiltration problems at the roof level. However, these problems need to be addressed quickly to limit moisture damage.

Identify infiltration problems at the roof level

Some infiltration problems can be seen with the naked eye. Others, however, require the services of a professional so that he can identify quickly the source of infiltration and offer you the appropriate repairs.

Among the signs that must alert you, you find:

  • Ceilings and walls stained with halos,
  • Paintings that blister and coatings crumbling,
  • Cracks on the walls,
  • The appearance of molds, etc.

These infiltrations often appear after an episode of bad weather. Be very attentive after a strong storm. In the same way, old roofs must be the object of an increased surveillance because they present more risks of infiltration.

Unless it is very easy to determine the reason for an infiltration (such as a missing tile, or an obvious roof fault), it is strongly advised to call in a specialist as quickly as possible. This one will be able to determine exactly the origin of the infiltration and propose you the adapted repairs.

Repair the problems of infiltration at the level of the roof

Your roofer starts by identifying the source of the water infiltration. In case of big infiltration, it can cover a certain part of your roof to limit the damage. In case of problems of tiles moved, it will be enough for him to reposition your tiles correctly. If the infiltration is related to a sealing problem, it will recommend the most suitable solution. Finally, if the infiltration is rather related to a problem of gutter, it will also be able to propose to you to unblock it, to repair it or to replace it.

In some cases, when infiltration is due to extensive damage to a fairly old roof, it may be more financially attractive to completely replace the roof. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes from different specialists!

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