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We are about to buy an old barn to renovate it in housing, the roof is in corrugated cement fiber cement sheets covered with tiles (without protection between the 2). Do you think that we can keep it such as by insulating with wood fiber + Placo. We have a doubt about the condensation (mildew) that it could cause and therefore longevity. Is it better to remove everything?

Almost all roofs that were made prior to January 1, 1997 in fiber cement contain asbestos. This must be clear from the mandatory diagnosis before the transaction?

The presence of asbestos in this type of plate, as in some plastic floor slabs, is not considered a risk, as long as it is not sawed, sanded or scraped. So you can live safely in a house with a roof of this type.

However, a decree of February 1996 (decree N° 96-97) on the protection of the population against the health risks related to exposure to asbestos stipulates that if it plans work, the owner must ensure that his house does not contain asbestos in various forms and must, if necessary, have it treated or removed.Only a professional may deposit your roof if it contains asbestos. This can be an important budget not to neglect when buying.

With regard to insulation, there are solutions specific to corrugated fiber cement sheets (Everisol Fibro) at ONDULINE.

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