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We are about to buy a 1960s house with a fiber roof, but we wonder why the roof is bleached all over its surface? It looks like it is gray we wonder if it is normal we are afraid to end up with a roof to change so we would like advice.

No doubt you have a slate roof "fibro" that usually ages badly and fade with age. There are paintings specially adapted to this problem, but they do not last much more than 4 to 5 years.

These slates usually contain asbestos (which the diagnosis that must be given to you before signature of the compromise must confirm you).

Be aware that if you plan to remove this roof you will have to remove the waste by a specialized company or deposit them in waste after having duly informed the staff (ART R1334-14 to 29 of the Code of Public Health), which will burden considerably the cost of repairing the cover.

Before buying this property, involve a roofer who will advise you and specify the exact condition of the roof and any necessary work that will of course enter your budget.

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