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I bought a house in December 2010 type construction cottage with a zinc roof part and the other part in fiber cement. I have a leak at the zinc roof and I can not see where the leak really is because I have no access to the attic, no trap door I do not even know how is the frame. I made an estimate to change the roof, I am asked 21 000 euros.

I do not know the surface of your roof, but the amount of your quote seems very high...

Zinc is an excellent roofing product, zinc roofs have a very long service life, 80 years at least and, not negligible, do not require any maintenance. It might be a shame to change the entire roof for a simple leak. Use a roofer specializing in this technique to detect the leak and repair it as soon as possible.

Check the banks, valleys and gutter (x), as well as any ribs. A simple painting for roofing can sometimes be enough. You can also consider an over-roof if the frame can bear the weight.

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