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The question of the roof of the carport arises quickly.
Depending on the type of carport roof, you need to take into account some criteria that will guide you to a particular pavement. This is what we propose to discover.

The roof of a carport

The roof of a carport

What are the requirements for an efficient carport roof?

The criteria to take into account:

Before choosing the type of covering to cover a carport, it is essential to consider some elements that will help you turn to a specific model.
So, think carefully about:

  • Your location: Are you in the mountains? At low altitude? In town or in the countryside? Close to other houses?
  • Moisture or rainfall: Does it rain often? A lot ? Is the region particularly windy?
  • Security carport
  • aesthetics: Does your carport fit in with your home?

The slope of the roof of the carport

In the particular context of a Flat roof carportother requirements are to be monitored.
Indeed, a flat roof must have a degree of inclination sufficient for the flow of rainwater.
Thus, for a carport with a flat roof of a limited surface, a slope of one degree is more than enough, but it remains a minimum.

Note that the choice of a flat roof for a carport is more recommended in warm, low-rainfall areas.
Otherwise, prefer, if possible, a roof of sloping carport, that it is double slope or even triangular.

Roof types for carport

You have several options for roofing when building your carport.

The wooden carport roof

What is usually called the wood shingle or "wood tile" is actually a blanket with a nice aesthetic to your roof, especially if your house is also made of wood tiles.
You benefit here from a light roof for carport and relatively resistant that can adapt to all environments.

Easy to install, this type of roof promotes particular the flow of water.

The shingle roof

Also part of the family shingles, the shingle is a bituminous shingle composed of a waterproof film bitumen and fiberglass.
Lightweight, easy to install, it's the perfect cover for carport roofs with a slope greater than 20%.

Existing in several colors, the shingle remains fireproof and waterproof.

Corrugated plates

It is surely the most used type of carport roofing to date.
Easy to set up, resistant in time and in the face of climatic hazards, corrugated sheets last relatively long depending on the type of material chosen.

You can find corrugated sheets made of PVC, polyester, polycarbonate and galvanized steel.
It exists in various colors with a thickness and a level of ripples very disparate.

Other solutions are always possible like:

  • Tiles: widespread in France, a roof carport tile is impervious, resistant to shocks and wind and aesthetic. There is also the alternative of plant tiles.
  • The roofing: they are strips of felt felt, very used and inexpensive. They are found in the form of rolls or strips of waterproof coating. To be nailed usually on the roof of your garden shed.

Video Instruction: Building My Home Built Carport 17 Installing the roof panels.