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You want to install a pergola and this question naturally comes to your mind: which roof to choose? This place especially intended for the relaxation must protect you at the same time of the rays of the sun, the rain or the wind. It remains to know how to cover your pergola. Several solutions are available to you.

Roof of a pergola

Roof of a pergola

Canvas pergola roof

Its main advantage is its lightness. The canvas on pergola is easy to install: it is simply attached to the structure. For more protection, you can also down one or two sides, to protect you from the wind for example. The PVC tarpaulin also allows you to bring a colorful touch to your garden pergola. It comes in many colors, depending on your expectations: the bright colors add cheerfulness, while the pastel colors invite quiet and rest. You must, of course, make sure that the tarpaulin has undergone a waterproofing treatment and that it is securely fastened to the structure.

On the maintenance side. pergola tarpaulin should be cleaned very regularly to maintain all its brilliance. If you have a freestanding pergola, it is advisable to dismantle the canvas during the winter period and store it in a dry place, such as a garden shed.

The pergola roof in wooden batten

This roof will be preferred by those looking for the side natural and authentic. Made of autoclave wood, this model is resistant to UV and weathering. The installation requires a little more work, but the result brings charm to your terrace or garden. As for its durability over time, it will obviously depend on the type of wood used.

The frame of the roof of the pergola can combine several materials such as wood / alu or wood / glass.

The wrought iron pergola roof

This solution is usually adopted on a pergola backed at home. This elegant structure allows you to create a 1930s style decor or a industrial style, very trendy right now. To cover it, it will be easy to grow climbing plants along the structure of the pergola, making them run over the entire surface of the roof. Level resistance, it is undoubtedly the ideal solution.

Regular maintenance however, is necessary but without the need for disassembly. Its only drawback... a significantly higher cost than the other models.

Connected pergola with adjustable slats

The latest high-tech solution is the bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats or sliding roof. You will be able remote control opening and closing the roof of the pergola or program it to advance according to the forecast weather.

Its installation requires professional skills and expertise in both the assembly of the structure and the home automation connection. The price of a bioclimatic pergola is of course more expensive than a more traditional pergola.

Polycarbonate pergola cover

It is a possibility that seduces quite little. Although these panels are easy to install for a cheap pergola, this material is not really aesthetic. It is also very noisy when it rains, tarnishes in the sun and requires regular cleaning.

As you can see, the solutions are varied to cover your pergola. The choice of material will depend on your desires and expectations, but also on the location of your pergola. Exposed south, better to consider total coverage. In other cases, leaving a small open area will allow you to enjoy the sun's rays.

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