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To convert the roofs lost from a roof into a living room, a step is essential: the construction of roof openings. Focus on these openings, and their interests.

What are the roof openings for?

When designing attics lost in a living room, several works are to be undertaken including the creation of roof openings similar to windows. These roof openings have two major roles: bring natural light to the room, which was previously lacking, and the possibility of airing the room.

What are the different types of roof openings?

If we use the term roof opening, not window, it is to group together all available and possible openings. Whatever the intended opening style, the work is done by professionals to ensure the sealing and insulation of the glazing.

  • The canopy: it is a part of glass roof. The canopy is usually custom built to fit the size and style of the roof.
  • The roof window is one of the simplest openings to install, although it can only be installed by professionals. The roof window is one of the most common openings.
  • The vasistas or snuffbox is the ancestor of the roof window. It can be fixed or can open depending on the model installed. Its appearance is similar to the roof window but it is less efficient in terms of sealing and insulation.
  • The door is a small opening, simply used to ventilate the room of life arranged under the lost roofs.
  • The skylight is a model of roof openings that offer a wide variety of styles and aesthetics. There are many models making it the most used. For example, there is the bull's eye window of the Jacobin skylight and the nasturtium skylight. The realization is often made to measure.
  • The skylight is this little house with roof placed right on the roof. The skylight allows a vertical opening similar to a window.
  • The glass tiles: an original and economical alternative. Here, the tiles on your roof are replaced by transparent glass tiles that let the light through.

Finally there are roof openings that unfortunately can not open, despite the name given to them. However, when they can, one distinguishes: the openings by rotation which open in their center towards the interior of the room and the openings by projection which open towards the outside.

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