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Bituminous shingles, also known as shingles, are generally used in new construction or when renovating a roof. Insulating, light and waterproof, this roofing material is not without interest...

A bituminous shingle roof: the advantages

The bituminous shingles consist of a fiber structure (glass or other) covered with bitumen (orasphalt) on both sides. These are hedging materials appreciated for their many benefits, including their impermeability, their flexibility, their lightness not to mention their character customizable. It is particularly possible to choose a custom-made color to maintain a harmonious aesthetic and architectural coherence: between black, red, brown, purple, slate gray or green. The color is provided by aggregates (tinted or natural).

To know:

Before installing a bituminous shingle roof, it is necessary to analyze some elements. In particular, the direction of prevailing winds and the slope of the roof.

How to apply the bituminous shingles?

The installation of the bituminous shingles must be done on a continuous support. Two techniques can be used for its implementation:

  • The American pose

This type of installation is done with nails and staples. This technique is ideal for small areas (terrace, garden shed, garage...). In some cases, the use of a waterproof felt under the materials is necessary.

  • The French pose

This work is carried out over hooks or wooden battens, as one would do for slates. Unlike the American pose, the pose takes longer and is more complex. For an installation in the rules, it is better to call on a professional roofer.

And standards?

In all cases, for a successful installation and a secure roof, the works must comply with the standards CB 71, DTU 31.1, DTU 31.2, DTU 31.3 and DTU 32.1 which relate to the frames. The site must, moreover, comply with the NF EN 544 standard.

Regarding the price

Budget side, it should provide at least 7 euros per square meter (the price can go up to 20 euros depending on brands and quality of materials). The shingles come in the form of panels or rolls and are on sale at specialized superstores.

About the interview

Once bituminous shingles are in place, it is important to take care of the roofing. It is recommended to always remove dead leaves and other plant debris. The same goes for the foam that can cause an early deterioration of the cover. Be careful, do not use a pressure washer for the maintenance of shingles.

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