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Small or large constructions, new or renovated, the Onduline Onduline tiles adapt to all buildings. Similar in appearance to the materials used for traditional roofs, they are modern and easy to install. Speed ​​of implementation and lightness complete the list of quality of these tiles. Tips for setting up this roofing material.

Roof Onduvilla

wooden chalet equipped with a roof Onduvilla

Practical advice
Each tile measures 107 x 40 cm, or 2.17m2 of useful area. Determine the number of tiles according to the surface to be covered.
The ridge of a single-sided roof must rest against the wall.
In renovation, cover the roof in place of Onduvilla tiles. It is not necessary to remove the old cladding.
The uniersel Onduline® fastening system is suitable for both light metals and wood.
Install the tiles in the opposite direction to the prevailing winds.
In partnership with Onduline

Delimit the overhang of the roof

Tender a line

On each side of the cover, attach long screws into the edge of the panel. Hang a line between these two fixings, 5 cm from the edge.

Lay the waterproof layer

Install a foam closet

Install a foam closet from the bottom to the top of the roof. The shaded side of the tiles will be positioned towards the ridge to optimize the aesthetics.

Control the overflow

Spot and adjust alignment with the chalk

Use the chalk as a guide to align the overhang tiles completely straight.

Lay the first row of tiles

Lay the first row from a stable support

After installing a stable work stand, such as a scaffold, lay the tiles. Hold this first row in place with the Onduline® Fixation System. Drill at the top of the waves.

Continue installing tiles

Stagger the second row of a half-tile

Use half-tiles to start and shift the second row.

Cut the tiles

Cut the tiles

Cutting the tiles is done with the cutter on the second wave.

To guarantee the tightness

Align the recovery guides

The alignment of the tile cover guides ensures a waterproof roof. Look after him.

Assemble the tiles

Fix the tiles

Screw the tiles together at the top of the waves, between the cover guides. Tighten the Onduline® screws gently to preserve the waves.

Fix the tiles

Fix the tiles in a specific order

Respect the order of fixing the tiles. Do not insert Onduline® points or screws where tile or rim will be placed.

Lay the underlay of the ridge

Put a foam counter-fence

Install a foam bulkhead on the roof pitch.

Install the first mouthpiece

Place the first ridge cap

Set up a ridge cap.

Lay the ridge

Set up the ridge

Install the Onduline® Onduvilla ridge.

Cover the ridge

Assemble the ridge caps at the overlap

Fit the cover guides to assemble the ridge caps.

Fix the ridge

Fix and cover the ridge elements

Proceed along the upper ends of the waves, in the opposite direction to the prevailing wind. Secure the ridgeboard with the Onduline® system.

Set up the second mouthpiece

Install the second ridge cap

For finishes and perfect tightness of the cover, do not forget the second ridge cap.

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