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Installing a roof window can meet a variety of requirements. This can be in the context of a transformation of attics into living rooms or simply to bring a little light inside. The choice in the field is very wide, everything depends on the specificities of the project, tastes and requirements of each.

The roof window

The roof window

The type of opening for a roof window

Several openings are possible for a roof window. This type of window can open by projection: the door opens upwards and clears the view. The opening can be done by rotation. In this case, the window rotates on itself on a horizontal axis. The maintenance of this model is easy. We then have the classic opening, the one found on traditional windows. In addition to the type of opening, the device can be motorized.

Once the opening has been chosen, the glazing must also be taken into account. Above all, it must be ensured that the installation of a roof window does not harm the thermal or acoustic insulation of the house. In order to preserve and optimize the insulation, the use of specific glazing is recommended.

From a safety point of view, the window can be equipped with a laminated glass for optimal protection against malicious acts.

Roof window: the choice of material

This is a crucial choice in a project to set up a roof window. The material can be PVC, a choice that offers many advantages: inexpensive, good insulation, resistance and non-binding maintenance.

The wooden model is appreciated for its nobility and its aesthetic qualities. It is a material that is also resistant and offers excellent insulation while being perfectly watertight. However, regular maintenance is required. In any case, you have to rely on the most robust wood species such as oak for example and the wood that has been treated against insects, moisture...

For its part, aluminum is a material that is sufficiently resistant to accommodate heavy glazing, double or triple glazing. Contrary to popular belief, it offers good insulation provided you opt for a model complies with current standards, in this case the RT 2000 regulations. The only problem is in its low weight makes it vulnerable to gusts of wind.

Other less usual materials may also be considered. There is the roof window which is made of zinc, a metal that offers a perfect seal. If it is a damp room, it is strongly recommended to bet on wood covered with molded plastic.

Finally, we must not forget the aesthetic aspect. The roof window must be strong and insulating, but it must also enhance the look of your home, both inside and out.

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