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Whether to install or replace an old roof window VELUX offers EVERFinish a range of roof windows designed to last a long time.

EVERfinish a roof window designed to last

A roof window with enhanced performance

Composed of a wooden core and a molded polyurethane shell the specific structure of the EVERFinish roof window guarantees in all circumstances a perfect stability of the window frame. For this wood receives a specific treatment that significantly reduces the risk of mold compared to untreated wood. Finally the shell provides effective protection against moisture. Advantages that make it possible to install the EVERFinish window as well in bathrooms or kitchens.

A roof window à la carte

Depending on the dimensions of the room and the type of roof (tile, slate, tile channel) the roof window EVERFinish is configurable at will. From the type of installation (traditional or recessed) to the type of opening (rotation or projection). They can be equipped with glazing. "Comfort" that stops 77% of the heat in summer and "All Comfort" which in addition reduces by two the noise of the rain.

An easy maintenance roof window

With its elegant lines and irreproachable finish, the design of the EVERFinish roof window contributes to contemporary room decoration. Its surface without any roughness or corner joint is easy to clean with a simple sponge.

Save money with VELUX and EVERFinish

EverFinish roof window: performance and durability: window

The excellent performance of the EVERfinish roof window makes it a product eligible for the Energy Transition Tax Credit (ISCED). To benefit from this credit of 30% (applicable until 31/12/2016) three conditions:

  • The window must be provided by the professional
  • The installation of the window must be done by a professional labeled RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment)
  • The work must be done in a dwelling over 2 years old.
By entrusting the installation to an EGR professional, the installation benefits from a 5.5% VAT. Moreover until 30/06/2016 Velux proposes a discount offer of 50 € on the EVERFinish window range.

Video Instruction: Nouvelle Génération de fenêtres de toit VELUX®