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The blackout blind for Velux roof window is ideal in a room in the attic. It is equipped with a sliding canvas that allows darkness on demand, day or night. Thanks to the Pick & Click ® system, the installation is easy and takes only a few minutes.
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Blackout blind for Velux roof window.

Install a blackout blind for Velux roof window.

A complete kit

Kit for the installation of the Velux awning.

Complete kit to install the Velux blind.

All that is needed to install the awning is in the carton. The roller box with its fabric, the aluminum slide rails, three bags containing the mounting accessories (fasteners, screws, screwdrivers) and the instructions.

Screw the fastening tabs

Velux fixing bracket.

Velux bracket for opening roof windows.

Velux roof windows have two pre-mounted fastening brackets at the factory to further simplify the installation of blinds. Similar clips to screw are provided in the kit for windows that would be lacking.

Screw the fasteners

Fix the fasteners.

Screw the fasteners down the window pillars.

Take the two gray plastic ties out of their bags and separate them. They are placed at the bottom of the window pillars, in alignment with the fixing lugs. Secure them with the screws and Phillips screwdriver provided in the kit.

Clip the slides

Clip the slides.

Clip the slides on the lower fasteners.

After checking the fit of the corner assemblies, clip the profiles onto the lower clamps. They must then be screwed in three points in the holes provided for this purpose, in order to properly press against the amounts of the window.

Unroll the cords

Unroll the cords.

Unwrap the cords located on both sides of the winder.

Now, detach the two red circles on either side of the reel and unroll the cords, making sure to insert them all the way inside their slide. Secure the cord tips in the lower clips.

Tie the cords

Secure the cord ends in the lower fasteners.

Clip the end of each cord into the corresponding clip.

Unwinded blind, clip the end of each cord into the corresponding clip.

Video Instruction: Fitting VELUX blinds in 4 mins - Real life install of How to fit a Velux blind video