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Roof windows: benefit from the tax credit (ISCED)

It is not just the insulation of the attic, walls or the replacement of the windows of the walls of the house that entitle you to a tax credit (ISCED). VELUX roof windows (Confort, Tout Confort and INTEGRA®) with double or triple glazing meet the conditions for obtaining a tax credit for the energy transition thanks to a thermal transmission coefficient (Uw) of 1.5 W / m².K and a solar factor (SW) of 0.36. The 2015 Finance Act provides a tax credit of 30% subject to entrusting the work to a company RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) under the legal conditions related to this tax assistance (main residence, ceiling at € 8,000 or € 16,000 over 5 years, etc.). The applicable VAT is 5.5% for houses completed more than 2 years ago. The replacement of roof windows also entitles to energy bonuses (related to Energy Savings Certificates) as well as ECO-PTZ and possible ANAH aid.

  • Mounting a roof window

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