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Gutters, gutters, banks and valleys are the elements by which water is evacuated at the level of the roof.

The edges of the roof and all the elements through which the water is drained are so many places to be made with the utmost care. With the passage of time, they are also often sources of disorder that can cause water infiltration. It is therefore important to periodically check the condition of the banks, valleys, gutters and gutters and repair any defect found.

The lateral banks

They protect the edges of the gables of a roof.

Roof overhang
Unfortunately often reduced to its simplest expression in modern constructions, the overflow should not never be less than 30 cm for a construction without floor and 40 cm in all other cases.

Roof in flat or interlocking tiles
It closes with "flap" edge tiles, in the form of angles, fixed by nailing on the edge rafter; there are "right" and "left" bank tiles.

Diagrams of the different types of poses of edge or flap tiles.

Roof tile channel
It is closed by lime-mortar-roofed tiles, or better still, with bardelis fixed under the row of roofing tiles on the bank.

Slate roof
It closes with a zinc cladding constituted by slats on the slate side and by a strip of edge, the two elements being covered by a cover.

The valleys

The valleys are preferably made using zinc noodles.

Noue of a tiled roof.

The valleys are preferably made using zinc noodles. As soon as the valley exceeds a length of about 1.50 m, these elements are laid with overlap, in order to avoid cracking due to the expansion of the metal; the sealing of the covering planes being completed either by a silicone sealant or by a bituminous coating.

Gutters and gutters

Leak test of a zinc gutter, in progress.

Zinc gutter.

Gutters and gutters, usually made of zinc, play a very important role in protecting the walls against infiltration. During construction, the gutters are put in place before the roofing material:

  • the gutters are established in the overhang, at the bottom of the sections of the latter;
  • the gutters are installed to collect and channel the water between two sections of cover or between a piece of cover and a wall.
Gutters and gutters should be regularly cleaned: it is necessary to remove the leaves and twigs that can accumulate, especially in the fall. Any leak must be repaired as soon as possible.

Fixing the gutters
They are generally placed in the "hanging" position by means of special hooks nailed to the ends of the rafters.
If a hook breaks, it must be replaced without delay because the gutter may bend, creating a water retention pocket or a reverse slope.

The assembly of gutter elements is by tin solder at low temperature.

Realization of a solder for the assembly of a gutter.

Zinc gutters
The zinc gutters consist of elements connected together by welding, after careful stripping, or even by gluing. Do not carry out this operation with a conventional torch, you could set fire to the firing or bedding.
You can not refold an old zinc gutter: you have to replace the deteriorated element, or, if the damage is limited, seal the crack with a strip of foil glued with a bituminous coating.

PVC gutters
Composed of elements connected with a special glue, the PVC gutters can be easily repaired if an element is broken. It should be ensured that they accord with the architectural environment of the house. Less expensive than zinc gutters, they are however more fragile and become brittle over time.

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