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Security in the house: what to do

20,000 deaths a year are due to household accidents. This alarming figure is even more so when we know that 9 accidents out of 10 could have been avoided with more precaution. Another revealing figure, the 8 000 000 accidents of all kinds occurred each year in French homes. More fragile and less vigilant, children are the most affected by this scourge, which is the leading cause of infant mortality. To prevent such tragedies from happening, only one watchword: prevention. This week, HandymanDuanche helps you secure your home to reduce the risk of accidents.

The essentials of home security

Secure electrical outlets

If the house is the children's favorite playground, it is also where they are most at risk until they are 10 years old. To prevent them from unfortunate mishaps, it is sometimes enough to be well equipped, or to put certain objects out of reach.

Very curious, the youngest often tend to want to touch, catch or taste the things around them. At this level, electrical outlets are a real danger. It is therefore imperative to protect your installation with plugs that will eliminate the risk of electrocution or electrification of which 1000 children are victims each year. In the same vein, it is necessary to lock all dangerous objects such as matches and other lighters, which constitute a major attraction pole for the little ones. Also be careful with plants, because many taste experiences in toddlers are the cause of poisoning.

Active and restless, children are also very distracted and bump around. Dreaded enemies, corners of tables and furniture can cause serious injury. To remedy this problem, simply place anti-shock corners in strategic places. The stairs, black dot of the house, are often the ideal place for all types of falls. To avoid them, only one solution: the barrier of protection which will deprive the smaller ones of a good number of tumbles. Do not forget to equip the doors with foam dampers that will save a lot of fingers and handcuffs.

The dangers of cooking

Security in the house: what to do: children

Place of all dangers, cooking is particularly conducive to accidents at home. We must therefore take many precautions. All potentially dangerous utensils (cutlery, pots, pans, mixers, etc.) must be carefully stored in height or out of reach of children. Household products, which cause a large number of poisonings every year, must be locked up or in closets blocked by small accessories called "door block".

To reduce the risk of burns, be very careful with the hotplates and saucepans on the fire which it is advisable to leave the handles turned inwards. Another potential source of burns is the faucets on which you can install a temperature controlled mixer, which blocks the water at 38 degrees. Children should also be kept away from plastic bags, which can cause suffocation.

The dangers of the bathroom

To avoid any shock

Other room, other dangers! The bathroom is also to be kept under surveillance. All cosmetics, lotions and medications must be carefully sheltered, in a closed double-tower medicine cabinet or with locked doors. It's the same for all cutting edge everyday accessories like nail clippers, scissors and razors that should not be accessible to children under 10 years. It is necessary to have anti-slip mats for the floor, shower and bath to prevent slips and falls. Latest novelty at the forefront of safety, padded stopcocks save the youngest many shocks at bath time. There is also an anti-scald device to attach to the faucet that blocks the water supply as soon as the temperature exceeds 44 degrees.

The dangers of the room

Highly frequented by children, the room must be perfectly secure. The two main elements, the bed and the chest or the toy cabinet must respect strict rules not to endanger your offspring. Sleeping should not be elevated for children under 7 years old and must have bars for children under 2 years old. Be careful not to place it too close to the window to reduce the risk of falling.

If the toys are stored in a chest, make sure it does not close too hard to prevent the fingers from getting stuck in it. If the games are on a shelf or in a cupboard, it must be perfectly fixed to the ground to prevent it from falling over, to see the worst falls on a child. For fixtures, prefer wall sconces to floor lamps, always likely to tip over, injuring or burning someone. When it comes to flooring, it is advisable to use a thick carpet that will cushion the falls and improve the comfort of the youngest, who very often appreciate playing on the floor.

The dangers of the show

The stay, synonymous with rest and conviviality for adults sometimes rhymes with danger for children. This room is full of pitfalls and the temptations are great for the youngest. We must therefore keep in closed cupboards alcohol, lighters, firelighters and matches that attract and fascinate the youngest. If you have a chimney, it is essential to isolate it with a protection kit in order to keep the children as far away as possible.

The dangers of the garden

Security to better live your home

To run, play and play, the garden is the ideal place, but it can also be filled with traps for the little ones. To avoid problems, do not leave behind any gardening or DIY tools. If you have a gantry, it is advisable to anchor it in the ground. Your gate must always be closed to avoid road accidents. As for swimming pools, they must respect the safety standards in force.

To limit the risk of domestic accidents, it is also advisable to buy certified furniture and equipment by the French Standard (NF). You will find all the accessories listed in the article in department stores or baby shops. Remember that no precaution can replace parental supervision. For more security, HandymakerDuenchanche advises you to empower and inform your children about the dangers that surround them on a daily basis. To learn while having fun, the website Experts of Prudence offers games and nursery rhymes on the theme of safety.

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