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Selling an individual property or a condominium lot, meet the same conditions (use of a notary, promise and deed of sale, etc.). However, the transfer in co-ownership meets certain special rules. To follow in this article: all the specifics of the sale of a lot in co-ownership.

Information provided by the seller of the condominium lot

A set of documents relating to the organization of the building must be provided by the seller and attached to the promise of sale:

  • condominium regulations,
  • maintenance book of the building,
  • descriptive state of division of the building,
  • minutes of general meetings,
  • financial statement of the condominium (estimated budget, expenses, work fund,...)
  • trustee certificate (less than one month) certifying that the seller is free from any obligation to the union.

To note: the area of ​​the housing must also be mentioned by the seller, otherwise the buyer may request the nullity of the sale.

Sale of a lot in co-ownership: the intervention of the syndic

The seller must also request a dated statement from his trustee (and pay it). A summary of condominium fees for the lot on sale.

  • Some sums may indeed remain due by the seller to the co-ownership. Like the provisions of the estimated budget, unpaid or deferred charges, a loan from the community, etc.
  • Some sums may also be due to the seller. Like advances made to the union, and the expenses of the buyer.

To note: after final signing of the deed of sale, a notice of change of ownership must be sent to the trustee by registered mail.

Sale of the lot, who pays the current charges?


  • the co-owner in place at the due date of the load and works provisions, will have to pay their payment (even for works voted upstream of the sale of the lot).
  • however, the settlement of the provision of the provisional budget remains at the expense of the seller.
  • the sums due or to be collected will be credited or debited to the account of the co-owner at the time of the approval of the accounts by the general meeting.

To note: an agreement can be made between the seller and the buyer in order to modify this distribution of charges.

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