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The steps leading to the sale of a property are cumbersome and time consuming. In fact, this type of transaction is a real job that requires specific skills. Appealing to a real estate agent is therefore often the assurance of a quick and successful sale. Explanations.

Sale of a property, why use a real estate agent?

Go through a real estate agent allows toaccelerate the sale of the property and savings to the seller the weight of many steps:

  • valuation of the property's value;
  • drafting and dissemination of the real estate advertisement;
  • visits of the property;
  • sales negotiation;
  • drafting of the pre-sales contract.

In addition, the real estate agent provides his client with the advice he needs to make the sale a success.

Warning: the chosen professional must imperatively possess a professional card issued by the prefecture and benefit from the title "Transactions on buildings and goodwill".

What mandate to sign with the real estate agent?

The type of mandate:
(chosen according to the level of trust towards the real estate agent)

  • Simple mandate: the sale of the property can be entrusted to several agencies. The owner can also find himself an acquirer.
  • Exclusive mandate: the sale is entrusted to a single professional and the owner can not negotiate himself with the purchaser (except mandate "semi-exclusive").

The content of the mandate:

  • description of the property and selling price;
  • details of the agent's services and their extent;
  • Mandate's duration;
  • the amount of the commission and the name of the payer;
  • Termination conditions.

The real estate agent's remuneration for the sale of a property

Rates charged by real estate agents are not regulated. In fact, the commission of the professional will depend on the selling price of the real estate. As a general rule, the agent's fees range from 5% to 7% of the transaction amount.

The real estate agent's remuneration can be supported either:

  • by the seller;
  • by the purchaser;
  • or be divided between the two protagonists.

In all cases, the terms of payment must be specified in the mandate and the preliminary contract of sale.

To note: the remuneration will only take place after the signing of the definitive act of sale.

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