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Widely developed in recent years, Black & Decker's "Mouse" sander sees a new evolution here. Dedicated especially to novices who find it difficult to measure the pressure on the machine during sanding, this new model is equipped with a pressure control system with diode indication.

Black & Decker KA168K Sander


Maker: Black & Decker
Reference: KA168K
Absorbed power: 55 W
No load speed: 11,000 movements / min
Eccentric movement: 0.75 mm
Ø Orbital movement: 1.5 mm
Tray: 1 delta, 1 master key, 1 diamond point, 1 adapter for profiles
Power cable length: 3 m
Sound power: 72.5 dB (A)
Weight: 0.75 kg
Supplied accessories: 9 abrasives, 5 detail abrasives, 2 waterproof abrasives, 4 steel wool sheets, 1 Scotch-Brite pad, 2 foam polishers, 4 abrasives for profiles and a storage box.
Price generally found: 65,19 Euros (ecotax included).

Sander on the test bench

Novelty side
During start-up, a red LED flashes for three seconds, the time for the electronic system to "calibrate" the idle speed of the machine. Then a green LED lights up, indicating that the unit is ready for sanding. This green diode is a light pressure, for precision work and sanding complex shapes. On larger surfaces, higher pressure lights up three green diodes, indicating that the pressure is ideal for good performance. As soon as there is excess pressure, the red diode replaces the others and invites you to reduce your effort.

With its limited weight and small footprint, the sander becomes a natural extension of the hand. The finished plateau in tip reaches everywhere. And the possibility of only changing the abrasive that covers just the tip and avoids waste of consumables.

In use, the device falls well in hand, the rubber sheath reinforces comfort and the on-off buttons are well designed. For everyday work, the vibrations are rather limited. On the other hand, our tests for rough wood roughing resulted in intense vibrations. Obviously, the machine is reserved for small preparations and finishes of all kinds, but not the work of "force".

As soon as we start to use the accessories, we discover the true interest of this sander: go everywhere. With the supplied screwdriver, you can replace the diamond tip with a kind of tip extension 4 cm long, able to slip between the blades of the louvers. Very useful, the profile holder can receive one of the six profiles delivered, it becomes easy to follow the molded curves of the moldings or the rounding of a handrail.


  • Particularly neat ergonomics. Pressure control system exerted on the sanding plate. Multiple accessories to go to impossible corners... The manufacturer continues to evolve his small sander already widely distributed.

The lessers

  • Good results for delicate work, but the 55 W are insufficient for heavy sanding. Beyond 1 m2 of wood, it is better to equip a more powerful model.

Our opinion

Always as pleasant to handle, this new "Mouse" will allow the beginner to work without forcing to obtain a better sanding performance. A good point for the various accessories that multiply the possibilities.

Sand large areas

Sand large areas

Preparing a complete staircase before applying a finish is within reach. The connection to the vacuum cleaner is effective, but it loses mobility because of the size of the pipe.

Profiles to access every nook and cranny

Profiles to access every nook and cranny

The six profiles provided and their adapter allow you to go anywhere. One criticism: the Velcro has trouble squeezing the abrasive paper against the shape of the profile. Nothing embarrassing to sanding.

Video Instruction: GAZIROVKA - Black (2017)