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Save electric heating

The drop in temperature encourages "push" without moderation the electric heating or to use it exaggeratedly as additional heating. It is very important to regulate the electric heating. Take action on the thermostat of the device: there is no need to set these devices permanently at maximum. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, it must be reduced, by turning the adjustment knob, counterclockwise: the device then emits a characteristic "click". It will automatically restart when the temperature drops below the one you have chosen (19° C being ideal). Equip your installation with a room thermostat. If your devices are equipped, fine tune their management at their programmer If they are equipped, give your devices a radio programming or a powerline control (pilot wire).

  • How to install a room thermostat?
  • Program electrical equipment
  • Program a radiator by power line (central wall box)
  • Installation of a radiant panel: installation
  • Installation of an electric radiator with controlled inertia controlled in individual mode
  • Connecting a heat transfer radiator
  • Regulate electric heating
  • Weekly two-zone programmable thermostat: circuit diagram
  • To save energy, program and manage your electric heaters

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