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Water is undeniably valuable. Each of us to use it wisely, without wasting it. The resources of the planet are indeed not inexhaustible. Here are the good gestures and small devices to adopt without delay, to reduce water consumption and bills.

Water saving: the right things to do at home

Water saving: the right things to do at home

Water saving: good reflexes to adopt

In the bathroom, where water reigns unquestionably, simple daily actions are enough to save water. It is cut during brushing, hand washing, shaving and in the shower during soaping.

Generally, showers are preferred especially in summer, since they require about fifty liters of water and baths rather one hundred and fifty liters.

Also track dripping faucets and leaking flushes. Change the seals regularly: hundreds of liters of water a year, escape through this.

In the kitchen, if you do the dishes by hand, also cut the water during the washing, rinse in a second time. If you have a double sink, it's obviously easier. And if you have the option opt for a dishwasher that consumes less water.

Finally, think about recycle water. The vegetable cleaning water is perfect for watering plants. Infused tea leaves and coffee grounds are also an excellent fertilizer, especially for geraniums. The cleaning of teapots and coffee filters are thus simplified.

The smart and useful devices

  • Aerator aerators work wonders on the spouts of all faucets. They reduce the water pressure and the flow by nearly 50%, thanks to the presence of air. The consumption is thus reduced from 5 to 15 liters / minute.
  • Thermostatic mixing valves are also very interesting. The water is immediately at the right temperature which represents about 15% water savings: the one that flows until the ideal temperature is reached, on the other models.
  • Shower heads with aerator have the same function: the injection of air bubbles gives the impression of using the same amount of water and yet you save 30 to 40% water. Also think about the essential stop-shower.

In the same spirit, it is recommended to equip toilets with dual control flush allowing to use between 3 and 8 liters of water instead of 10 to 12 L.

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