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You have a small house heated with electricity. You turn off the heating when you are away to reduce the rating, you are not wrong.

But when you come home in the evening, it's not hot.

Get yourself a small radiator blowing ceramics, it will allow you to have instant heating in the main room, and you operate it about 15 minutes, and at the same time you turn on the radiator of the room with two digit thermostat above the click. Then you will adjust the temperature according to a thermometer placed in the room.

You place the blower radiator wisely to make the most of the heat. It will quickly raise the temperature of the room and then you stop it.

How much does it cost? If you have a 1500 watt radiator, since the room is cold at first, the resistance will work continuously for a quarter of an hour. this gives 1/4 x 1500 watts = o, 375 KW

The kw in full hour costs about 0.12 euros SO this will:

0,12 x 0,375 = 0,045 euros or 4,5 CENTIMES of euro to raise the room temperature. and again we can reduce this expense by putting the radiator on half power after a while and there it will consume two times less from the moment when the power is reduced. Of course, if we had left the heat all day, we would have consumed infinitely more.

Price of the device: I found a radiator blowing ceramic 750/1500 watts BR... O M... Sale on sale at 13.90 euros, it has a thermostat and two powers and works very well.

In other words, it's not worth it to freeze.

Well, these devices are valid for a quick and punctual heating, but you can take it also in your bathroom and put it away from any water projection and use it during the shower, or preheat the bathroom. bath before shower and stop before entering. This avoids running the bathroom heater 24 hours a day while only 20 minutes a day. Here too we imagine the economy achieved, while maintaining comfort.

When one arrives in a cold room, it is necessary to increase the power to catch up quickly the temperature, if one is satisfied with the heating of the room, it lasts a long time, it is uncomfortable, and one must consume more. And warming the atmosphere is the fastest, even if over a long period of time it's not ideal.

This is even more valid for students who are often financially limited.

What's more: save heating, it's good for the wallet and also for the planet...

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