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My mother brought a company to have a quote for cleaning the roof of his house (house 34 years, roof 2 slopes 33% floor area of ​​150m2) The company offers cleaning but it has also meant that there were porous tiles.So we offered him for a quote of 4800 €, replace about 80 tiles, cleaning and treatment of the roof to ensure tightness. There is a ten-year guarantee on the work done. Finding the exorbitant amount, I would have your opinion on this type of sealing treatment and the price.

Your case is classic: a company, often without a clear social name, "passing through" the area, offers a cleaning of tiles or slates (which often do not need it) and "discovers" that tiles would be porous... In some cases, the thing appears precisely after the cleaning of the cover because of the work done with a pressure washer, without precaution. In all "logical" (apparent), we propose in the wake of the replacement of a few tiles for an astronomical price and, of course... a water repellent treatment, when it is not a painting to refurbish your roof. All this is scam, although the work is usually done, but not useful. The "ten-year" warranty (in fact a 10-year guarantee, which is not the same thing) is generally useless, the company can not be found in case of problems... Tell your mother to support the foam on her roof and wait until it's really necessary to bring in a real roofer when it's really necessary.

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