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One of the first steps in creating a new kitchen is the creation of a scheme, otherwise known as a kitchen plan. Explanation.

The scheme of a kitchen

The scheme of a kitchen

Why make a kitchen plan?

The layout of a kitchen is not random. It must be thought out, thought out, put on paper to study the feasibility of the project. It is important to realize a kitchen diagram from the set of elements you have and your ambitions. It allows you to highlight the different development possibilities available to you taking into account

  • the space you have
  • the shape of the room
  • already existing elements that can be considered as constraints
  • your ambitionsyour budget

The kitchen scheme is even more important if the size of the kitchen is small or if its layout is unusual.

The essential elements of the kitchen scheme

The kitchen scheme must reveal a set of essential elements.

  • The three poles forming the triangle of activities: cooking, washing and conservation
  • One or more worktops usually located near the cooking pole
  • A spacing of 70 to 100 cm in front of each element for easy movement in the kitchen
  • Light sources, natural and artificial
  • The heights to respect for each element

You will then have to realize a technical plan which will bring out the electric device, the water, the evacuation (if you have a hood).

The arrangement of all these elements on the kitchen plan should allow you to create a kitchen as practical as aesthetic.

Who should realize the kitchen scheme?

Thanks to 3D technology, everyone today has the opportunity to make their own cooking scheme. Software and websites provide the opportunity for the general public to create their future cuisine from their computer. These interfaces allow you to take advantage of a more concrete point of view of your project and visualize all the elements of the future kitchen.

If you prefer to hire a professional, you should turn to a professional kitchen designer or an architect. Know that these professionals usually offer you a free kitchen plan at the time of completion of the quote.

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