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I just bought an old house. The floor of the kitchen is for the moment separated into 2 different tiles (2 pieces existed before) and I wish to have only one. One part is recent and the other old. On the old part the floor is curled. It seems that the problem comes from the floor (the joists are in good condition).
I will remove the tiles on both sides and I have to remake the slab on half of the kitchen. I have to do this for a limited time (no more than 5 days of drying time possible because I want to finish this renovation in the time of my holidays, laying tiling and demolition included). If the floor is in poor condition I will replace it with OSB plates.
I hesitate between several options for the rest.
1-Make a dry screed with granulate covered with Fermacell floor plate on the damaged part and try to level this part with the healthy half.
2-make a light screed on the damaged part and level with a patch on the entire kitchen.
3-break what is healthy and what is curled, then put a dry screed on the entire
4-break what is healthy and what is curled then put a light screed on the whole.
I am also not on good products to use for each case.

All the interest of a dry screed is to be able to renovate old soils in bad condition without having to break everything and do it without having to wait for the drying of the cement mortar.
You will be able to realize your dry screed directly on your old tiling, to see our sheets on the dry screed and floor in panels or Placosol dry screed of Placo.
The finishing panels can then receive all types of coatings in record time and without prior drying.

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