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The battery screwdriver continues its evolution. This new 10.8V lithium battery version offers good screwing and drilling capabilities for a machine of this size. And even a lighting.

Bosch Bosch PSR 300 Li screwdriver


Maker: Bosch
Reference: PSR 300 Li
batteries: 10.8 volts / 1 Ah lithium battery
Loading time: 5 h
No load speed: 0 - 400 rpm
Ø max of the screws: 6 mm
Ø maxi drilling: steel 6 mm, wood 10 mm
Torque adjustment: 10 positions
Weight: 900 g in working order
Sound level: 70 dB (A)
Accessories: delivered in a suitcase, with loader, a bit holder, a set of bits and 2 drills
Price generally found: 89.95 euros

Getting started and use

Getting started

Compact and rather light, the machine offers multiple possibilities of handling: it thus offers an ideal position in all circumstances. The trigger can be operated by the index finger, middle finger or ring finger depending on the position of the hand on the handle. Just within reach of the finger, the reverser of the direction of rotation is easy to maneuver.

The handle and the area near the mandrel are covered with a non-slip coating that ensures a good grip. The base of the handle is equipped with a knob to adjust the tightening torque, a light diode and indicators indicating the state of charge of the batteries.

With its bit holder socket, this screwdriver takes the appearance of a mini drill. Moreover, the power allows holes that are not ridiculous and our tests in a steel section with a drill ø 6 mm were conclusive.

By gently pressing the trigger, the LED first illuminates the work area and then, pressing a little more, the rotation starts. The trigger then acts as an accelerator.

A wheel provides preselection of the torque setting (ten positions). The idea is laudable, but its effectiveness is limited, if one wishes a "light" tightening torque to fix plasterboard or to mount kit furniture.

In screwing, one has a sufficient force to sink without weakening rather long screws in lumber. Feel free to use the magnetic bit holder provided.

When drilling, you must use tools with a groove for the locking ball catch. With a ø 6 mm drill bit, we seamlessly drilled a 4 mm thick metal profile. You just have to act gently on the trigger to maintain a slow speed. The drilling of wood is equally conclusive up to ø 10 mm, but this type of throat drill is not common.


  • Convenient, maneuverable and offering sufficient autonomy for everyday work, this battery-powered screwdriver proves a certain versatility thanks to the drilling tools. Work area lighting and diode load control are significant. A good point for the lithium battery, light and especially without effect of "memory".

The lessers

  • Ineffective torque adjustment for delicate tightening. Its purpose is rather to disengage the motor shaft when one forces. In summary, the tool seems more comfortable in heavy work than in "fine" operations.

Our opinion

With a range of use that goes from screwing to medium holes, this small battery screwdriver is full of resources. Powerful enough to tackle deep screwing, it can go beyond the simple screwdriver. A beautiful evolution in this area, a time neglected by manufacturers.

A compact machine

A compact machine

Compact and pleasant to use, the machine slips everywhere. Its small diode beam illuminates the work area: an asset for mounting in a closet.

A magnetic tip holder handy

A magnetic tip holder handy

Pulled forward, the socket (in red) releases the ball catch. It remains to introduce the tool then to release the ring. The magnetic bit holder avoids losing accessories.

Video Instruction: bosch psr 7.2 li