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Resolutely positioned at the top of the range, this impressive machine combines with happiness several innovations including a plateau always horizontal.

Essay, text and photos: Olivier de Goër


Maker: General (import France: Dé
Reference: Excalibur Ex21
Engine: 220 V mono 1.5 A
No load speed: 400 to 1,150 rpm
Dimensions: L. 812 x l. 380 x h. 380 mm
Weight: 29.5 kg
Swan neck: 535 mm
Max cutting height: 53 mm
Table: 345 x 597 mm
tilt: - 45° à + 45°
Price generally found: 1 200


An original mechanics
With its wide base and its thick plate structure, "Excalibur" intrigues at first sight. Main originality: the sloping cuts are obtained by tilting the entire mechanism, the table remaining flat. For this a graduated sector allows the angular setting, precise and reindexable, with prepositioning at 0°, 22,5°, 30°, 45° and 90°.

The engine is placed at the back. Through an eccentric, it pushes and pulls alternately two rods housed in the arms that return the movement forward. Each stem acts on a deforming parallelogram, resulting in a total of four short rods (8 cm) instead of the usual two long ones.

This particular design allows for an amazing blade retention device of sobriety and efficiency: neither clamp nor pivot, the blade is wedged between a knurled screw and a set screw. The tension knob at the rear is completed at the front with a quick release lever.

In use

The commissioning is immediate: everything is mounted. The saw can be bolted to a stand (like its competitors) or placed permanently on four legs (provided). The installation on legs excludes high cutting speeds (the saw does not hold in place). But low to medium speeds are enough. The work is comfortable and quiet.

In strong sheet metal, the table is vast. The light for the blade is pierced directly in the mass, without interchangeable plate. Notches - inconsequential - appeared from the first 45° test. Another regret, the presser is too rigid, and it lacks a high stop travel (if you're not careful, it stops in the rods) and 4 mm Allen key to tilt is not provided.


  • Combination fixed table / comfortable reclining arms for chamfered cuts.
  • High cutting capacity.
  • Good operation at low and medium speed.
  • Articulated blow gun hose easy to position.
  • Very detailed user manual.
  • Set of 144 quality blades.

The lessers

  • The price is very high.
  • The pressure is perfectible.
  • No interchangeable plate for the blade light.
  • No suction sensor is provided.

Our opinion

Innovative design, this machine challenges the dogma of cast iron for scroll saws upscale. Its tilt system, large gooseneck and powerful engine allow efficient and comfortable use even at low speeds. Passionate users will not have to regret it.

Accessible tools

Accessible tools

The electric controls, the blade clamping knobs and the quick tensioning lever are perfectly accessible.



Simply unlock the indexable lever, then turn the knob to tilt the frame to the desired angle.

Video Instruction: Excalibur EX21 Scroll Saw