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The watertightness of the shower enclosures is important so as not to be confronted with infiltrations of water gradually destroying the walls. Calling a professional is wise but you can also perform these sealing work. Follow our advice.

Successful seals at the walls of a shower

If you have a walk-in shower, your shower screens must be watertight or you may see traces of water on the adjacent wall. These traces can seriously damage your wall in time when nothing is done. To ensure a good seal to your shower walls in the Italian, you must put a silicone seal between the lower parts of your shower screens and the floor of your shower but also over the entire height of the wall. It is important that the tile or other shower cover is level for a better seal.
Do not take any silicone and make sure it is well suited for use in the bathroom.

For good to achieve these seals, you must first clean the laying surface with white vinegar. In case of renewal of joints, first remove the old ones, brush the rest with a wire brush or a scraping sponge that you have soaked with white spirit or white vinegar. Dry the installation surface well for a good adhesion of the silicone seal.
For shower stalls or bathtub walls, there are silicone door seals cut to the length of each wall.
You must also ensure that the rails of the sliding doors of your shower are properly sealed, if equipped.

The material to have for making shower joints

You do not need a lot of material to seal the shower walls. For silicone seals, you must have:

  • White vinegar and a sponge for cleaning the area to be joined,
  • One or more silicone seal cartridges special bathroom and a good cartridge gun,
  • Of paper tape for a well linear joint: draw two strips of tape, leaving space for your new seal,
  • A cutter to remove the old gasket or silicone that has overflowed during installation,
  • A smoother Or more economical your thumb impregnated with dishwashing liquid for a perfectly smooth joint.

In the DIY stores, you will find silicone cartridges with a built-in gun that release the silicone with a single press (such as a whipped cream bomb) and a cleaner-sealer that removes all traces of old seals.

When should the joints of the shower walls be redone?

Do not hesitate to proceed to a renovation of the joints your shower as soon as you can not make them clean or have traces of mold (black spots).
Replace your joints quickly if you see water, even in a tiny amount, on the other side of your shower. This is a faulty seal indication and its change will save you a lot of trouble and expense if you react quickly.

To keep your shower seals longer, forget bleach for clean them. In the long run, the joints become porous and the molds are lodged inside. Prefer bicarbonate and white vinegar more environmentally friendly. This trick is also valid for all joints of your sanitary.

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