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Sealing hinges with a quick setting mortar is a classic and proven method for heavy loads. The greatest attention must be paid to the alignment of the axes between the upper and lower hinges.

Seal portal hinges with quick mortar

When it comes to sealing the hinges of a shutter or a door, proceed by temporarily fixing each hinge in the eye of his hinge (or hinge), before stalling the entire opening in the door. embrasure, the legs of the hinges being embedded in the mortise (drilling of the anchor hole) previously filled with mortar.
Here, we had to do otherwise because of the imposing size of this solid wood portal, which makes handling difficult.

Plan all the steps

To facilitate the operation, we only put the amount of the wing on which are fixed the two hinges high and low (here a model square 35 x 50 cm, ball, galvanized steel). It is therefore essential to seal the hinges before the gate is permanently mounted.
The stone bearing pillar has surface irregularities and a problem of flatness: to align the amount of the leaf on the masonry would be a serious mistake; only the verticality indicated by the spirit level or the plumb line counts.
So that the amount can be positioned relative to the post during sealing, while maintaining its verticality and its operating clearance, spacers are screwed against the upright.
A shim is also slid under the post to define a sufficient clearance between the ground and the base of the portal. In principle, the amount of the leaf does not need to be supported, because the setting of the mortar is very fast. But it is prudent to protect the surroundings so that the hinges do not suffer shock or vibration that could remove them.

Choose a suitable mortar for sealing

For the seals, a quick mortar is used, not to be confused with the quick cement (or "quick cement"), which allows to connect and repair the fiber cement pipes: the setting of this cement is so fast that it requires a good habit not to be surprised.
It is therefore strongly recommended to use a ready-to-use rapid mortar, available in GSB in 5 kg bags.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions (read on the bag before spitting the mortar), especially with regard to setting times: if the mortar dries quickly, it hardens very slowly.

Advices for successfully sealing mortar hinges:

• Bring a mason's trowel to spoil the mortar and a narrow trowel ("cat's tongue"), better suited to mortise lining.
• In dry weather, wet mortise 24 hours before sealing. Do not work if it may freeze! (the temperature must be between 5 and 35°)
• Hinges are simple strips of metal curved at one end to form an "eye" (loop to contain the axis of the hinge). The angled hinges make it possible to reinforce the mortise and tenon joints (as here by connecting the jamb and the cross members of the opening element.
• If you do not have a hammer drill, you can rent one by the day in a specialized shop or work with a manual chisel and a mallet.

Laying and sealing hinges step by step

Laying and sealing hinges step by step

Screw the top and bottom hinges onto the support post with 5 x 30 mm wood screws, which will be replaced with square-neck bolts.
The screws are strictly aligned.

Seal portal hinges with quick mortar: quick

Hollow in the stone pillar with a drill-chisel provided with a drill bit (in punching position), then with a flat chisel to squaring the mortise (in chisel position).

Seal portal hinges with quick mortar: seal

Assemble and tighten hinges and hinges with a wire.
Screw a shim under the stud.
The legs of the hinges must fit into the mortises without rubbing against the walls.

Seal portal hinges with quick mortar: hinges

Adjust the verticality of the wedges between pillar and post screwed and between its end and the ground.
Check the plumb position by placing the spirit level on one side and then on the pillar.

Seal portal hinges with quick mortar: portal

Spoil the quick mortar in a trough.
The water is introduced until a fairly firm homogeneous consistency (the mortar on the trowel tilted at 45° should not slip).

Seal portal hinges with quick mortar: portal

After moistening the mortises, fill about 2/3 of their volume with mortar, then push the legs of the hinges by putting the amount in position.

Seal portal hinges with quick mortar: seal

Finish filling the mortise trowel by regularly checking the verticality of the amount. If it is hot, cover the seal with a plastic film to delay evaporation.

Seal portal hinges with quick mortar: hinges

When the mortar has hardened, remove the jamb and unscrew the hinges.
Then assemble the gate and assemble the hinges definitively before setting up the gate.

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