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To fix a wooden pole on the ground, the stirrup remains the ideal solution.

Seals: Fix a wooden pole with a stirrup

The section of a pole depends on the load it has to bear. A stirrup is usually enough to take the weight of light outdoor structures (balconies, walkways and other wooden pergolas). Its shape allowsinsert poles of various sections and especiallyisolate the wood from moisture.

Draw the marks of the stirrup on the concrete support

  • Take the measurements of the stirrup.
  • Trace in pencil on the concrete support where to position the foot of post to anchor in the ground.

Drill the concrete with a perforator

  • Drill a hole wider than the section of the caliper foot using a perforator.
  • If you do not own a large concrete drill, make several holes together.

Dust with a brush around the hole

  • Meticulously vacuum the dust inside the hole that has just been made.
  • With a brush or broom, carefully dust off the surrounding area.

Apply sealing mortar in the hole

  • In a trough, trowel the cement mortar with a trowel.
  • Lightly dampen the hole before sliding some mortar into the cavity.

Insert the thread of the pole foot

  • Insert the thread of the post foot to be sealed in the fresh mortar.
  • If the mortar does not overflow after the integration of the foot, complete it by tamping it down.

Check the caliper of the caliper at the spirit level

  • Place wooden blocks of the same thickness under the stirrup.
  • Check its plumb with a spirit level.
  • Adjust if necessary and allow to dry.

Check the section of the pole

  • After removing the wedges slipped under the stirrup, prepare your wooden post.
  • Check its section.
  • Cut after measuring the height of the stirrup.

Adjust the distance of the fixing cheeks

Some pole stirrups have adjustable fixing cheeks.

  • After measuring the post, adjust the fixing cheeks to the correct spacing with a wrench.

Trace the location of the mounting holes

  • Slide the wooden pole into its housing.
  • Mark and mark the location of the mounting holes on both sides of the stake.

Predrill the fixing holes

  • Lay the pole flat on the floor.
  • Predrill the mounting holes with a drill at the markers, using a wood drill.

Insert the wood screws

  • Put the post perfectly in place on its foot, facing the holes.
  • Insert the wood screws so that the entire structure is firmly connected.

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