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Having a second home is the dream of many French people. This second address is synonymous with relaxation, vacation, leisure... Besides the benefits it presents, we must also consider the disadvantages...

Many people dream of owning a second home in the mountains

Many people dream of owning a second home in the mountains

What is a second home?

A second home is a home occasionally inhabited, unlike the main residence which is the habitual residence. Second homes are usually inhabited during weekends, holidays or during holidays. They materialize in the form ofa country house, an apartment in town, a villa by the sea or a chalet in the mountains. It can also be a mobile home installed on a campsite in the year.

The advantages of second homes

First, having a second home allows you to have a home away from home where you can relax and spend a holiday away from the daily routine. The most interesting is that you can go there according to the desires and possibilities without the obligation to book a rental in advance. It's also a place where you can meet friends or family members to share pleasant moments, for example by the pool.

The acquisition of a second home is also an opportunity to build wealth for retirement. It is even possible to resell after a certain period of time and gain an added value. It is also an interesting alternative to leave a legacy for his children. Moreover, it is possible to rent the second home a few months in the yeare to get additional income In the same vein, the owner can exchange the property with another family for a certain period of time and explore other regions.

The disadvantages of second homes

In investing in a second home, a surplus of expenses must be provided. This second house implies, in fact, significant expenses, especially in terms of fixed costs (taxes / taxes, work, electricity and water, heating, Internet...). It is not only necessary to maintain the interior of the house but also the outside: the pruning of the trees, the mowing of the lawn, the paths and borders of the garden or even the swimming pool.

It is also necessary to take into account the fiscal aspect, involving the payment of various taxes (housing tax, property tax, etc.) not to mention home insurance. Beyond these various expenses, it is important to set up a security and surveillance system to protect the second home during the (often prolonged) absence of the owners.

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