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I have a house with a floor. I have a godin colonial wood stove on the ground floor. The duct is visible and goes upstairs on a mezzanine without protection through the floor and spring on the roof. It's a simple stainless steel pipe. Is this installation dangerous? We would like to keep a stove that we use only for comfort and not as main heating because we are equipped with a condensing boiler and central heating. What kind of installation to secure my pipes? And what kind of woodstove can we buy if we want to change the current one? For a warm comfort or ornament.

The Godin Colonial is a good device, which deserves to be preserved, especially for intermittent use. Regarding safety, a single stainless steel duct, if not insulated, must be 16 cm (8 cm on each side) away from any flammable surface, this is what is called "the gap fire". This point must be checked at the crossing of the floor and the frame. If this is not the case, it is necessary to clear the periphery of the conduit, and replace the vacuum by a rock wool insulation. You will also find in the trade an insulating shell. On the underside of the ceiling, a piece of plasterboard will ensure the finish.

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