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The safety group is an absolutely essential component of the water heater. Indeed, the group's main function is to control the pressure of the installation. It is therefore essential to ensure that it works properly. Utility, features, maintenance and replacement... the safety group of a water heater in detail in this article.

Water heater, the essential functions of the safety group

A safety group is a plumbing device that depends on the proper functioning of your water heater.

1. It allows above all to protect the electric ball water heater against overpressure. In fact, the internal pressure of the balloon increases at the same time as the temperature of the water. In order to control it, the safety valve limits this pressure to 7 bar.

2. The stopcock integrated into the security group of the device, allows forisolate the hot water tank of the cold water supply circuit.

3. The check valveThe function of the group is to prevent a return of pressurized hot water to the cold water supply circuit. Without this device, such returns would be inevitable as soon as the pressure of the balloon would become higher than that of the cold water supply circuit.

4. Finally, the relief valve will drain the balloon from your water heater.

Characteristics and maintenance of the safety group of a water heater

  • Installation

The water heater safety group is installed upstream of the appliance, directly on its cold water supply. The group is also connected to the drainage system.

  • Interview

The proper functioning of the safety group of your water heater inevitably involves its maintenance. It is therefore recommended to purge it once a month.

  • Replacement

A security group must be replaced approximately every 5 years (or before this deadline in case of failure).
You will then have to pay 20 € to 60 € for the purchase of a new security group (excluding cost of installation by a heating engineer).

To note: A safety group that leaks slightly when heated (drip) is a sign of normal operation.

tipsIn order to extend the life of the safety group, it is recommended to install a sanitary safety expansion tank between the tank of the water heater and the unit itself.

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