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Sowing under a bell

The sowing under a bell, directly outside, is carried out on a prepared ground. It has the advantage of being able to sow seeds (quite hardy) that can grow and mature or be transferred to another place depending on the available space and needs. This type of seedlings are mostly used for legume seeds, but can also be used for smaller seeds that are sown in-line and intended to be transplanted. It puts the future plants away from predators and makes them enjoy the slightest ray of sunshine. He asks, as for sowing under frames, a close enough surveillance to make the best use of atmospheric conditions.

Necessary material

  • English bell
  • Sieve
  • Hoe
  • Cordeau
  • Manual seeder
  • Bucket
  • Glass bottle
  • watering

Sowing under a bell: bell

1. On more or less finely prepared land that has already warmed up, pull a chalk line to guide one or more furrows.

Sowing under a bell: bell

2. Place the seeds according to the supplier's recommendations (depth, spacing) in the bottom of the furrow.

Sowing under a bell: bell

3. You can also use this small semi-automatic manual seed drill that controls the regular removal of the calibrated seeds.

Sowing under a bell: soil

4. Place some well-enriched potting soil on the sown seeds to help start up.

Sowing under a bell: sowing

5. At this stage of the work, two finishes are possible. On fine seeds (flowers), sift enriched potting soil and cover the soil surface. Lead slightly.

Sowing under a bell: seeds

6. Mark the completed plant with a flag tag and sprinkle it at first with misting. A watering can with ramp will be used then in very fine rain.

Sowing under a bell: soil

7. On less delicate seeds, lead by rolling an empty bottle after filling the furrow. Water without excess to wet the soil to adhere to the seed and facilitate germination.

Sowing under a bell: bell

8. Place the bells (here in alignment) on the seedlings after marking them with a flag tag. It will be necessary to be vigilant in order to make the best use of plantations, weather conditions (rain or sun in reasonable quantity and aeration).

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